laaS Solutions

We offer Cloud infrastructure services, known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which are made of highly scalable and automated compute resources. Our IaaS solutions are fully managed cloud based applications and environments. For more information, please Contact Us.


Comprehensive HealthCare Information Management Solution

SmartCare is designed to enable Healthcare Practitioners to be more efficient and effective. Its data and information management functionalities enable them to optimize their time and available resources.

  • A fully integrated solution (Patient | Doctor | Laboratorist | Pharmacist | Nurse | Accountant ) enable healthcare practitioners to provide proper care management across a facility and or population.
  • A very robust design that allow for full interoperability with conventional EHRs internal and external to a healthcare facility | system.
  • Healthcare Practitioners and others are able to ingest, manage, store, view, share and exchange data (internal | external)  that will allow for improved patient care and increased revenue.