Genie FastPay - The New Way to Pay - Contactless Payments

FastPay is - The Next Game Changer!
Imagine how many people this would work for...

  • Budtenders  |  Service People
  • WaitersCall Centers
  • Network Marketing OrganizationsDirect Marketing Agents
  • ..or anyone working from home, processing FastPay payments on their cellphones, and getting paid in real-time.





MANAGE YOUR PAYMENTS ON THE GO: Send and receive both Closed Loop and Open Loop Payments. Get GenieChecks and Check22 Payments for your goods and services, in REAL-TIME Anywhere you are.  Get your own GenieCard Platinum, the ONLY Visa Debit Card You Will Ever Need, NO Matter What Your Lifestyle or CREDIT HISTORY.  

ePaymaker - Integrated Payment Enablement for SMB's and Others

ePaymaker: Pioneering Payment Enablement Solutions for a Dynamic World: In the wake of COVID-19 and the disruptive shifts it and other present days situations - (disruptive wars etc..)  nave triggered, business paradigms have been transformed. From in-person to online ventures interactions, the landscape has evolved. This metamorphosis isn’t fleeting; it’s our new reality.

Enter ePaymaker—a trailblazer in secure payment solutions. We recognize that businesses, regardless of size, must embrace innovation to thrive. Our cutting-edge models empower companies to navigate this ever-changing environment, ensuring satisfied customers and sustained viability.

Our commitment:  Leveraging top-tier technologies to deliver innovative solutions that support payments and drive success in this dynamic business era. ePaymaker: Empowers SMBs with Payment Solutions - We offer a range of payment enablement solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our services span software development, delivery services, educational software sales, cloud subscriptions, mobile app solutions, OTT broadcasting and more...